Natural, potent beauty nutrients for healthy, fresh skin.

About BeautyMe®


Look and feel better during that time of the month.

There’s no need to feel bad for 1/4 of the month because of a dull complexion and lackluster hair.

Mega-hydration for when you’re feeling dry.

Although there’s an initial surge in hormone levels that may cause skin to become oily before your period, by day five, estrogen levels drop and skin becomes dry, dull, and dehydrated.

Press the reset button on your complexion.

BeautyMe® contains high performance, fast-absorbing breakthrough botanicals to give your skin a fresh, glowing canvas.

One honest skincare product.

Unlike topical products that work only on the surface, BeautyMe® is deeply absorbed to nourish your skin from within, and provide it with mega-hydration for a glowing, and ultra dewy sheen.

Necessary nutrients for the girl on-the-go. It’s simple, easy and fun.

Powerful, natural ingredients do the work, so you don’t have to. Simply add one delicious scoop to your juice cleanse, smoothie, ice water, coffee or tea starting on the first day of your period and continue for 5 days. It’s easy beauty-on-the-go!

Enhance your beauty naturally from within.

Made in the USA at a cGMP, USDA organic-certified factory. BeautyMe® is patented and clinically proven. It is also gluten-free and free of artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners. View VIDEO to learn more.