…you can finally outsmart ‘that time of the month’… full article

Ali Finney,

…this gluten-free powder was created by a female plastic surgeon and is brimming with everything you need (peptides, lipids, collagen, hyaluronic acid and biotin) to restore beauty-boosting levels in your body that naturally dip with age… full article

Danielle F.,

Sip on this yummy doctor-developed beauty supplement (it can be mixed with your morning coffee, tea or smoothie) during the first five days of your cycle to keep skin clear and radiant… full article.

Kaitlyn F.,

…just add one scoop to a hot or cold beverage once a day for 5 days during your period and you’ll be glowing in no time… full article.

Dory L.,

Better skin while on your period. …expect to see buoyed hydration, bounce and glow around period-day five, with max results at day 10. Our skin looked way more vibrant than it usually does during that monthly stretch … full article.

Jolene E.,

It’s more of an inside-out solution … full article

Marianne M.

Hello! Just wanted to say I am impressed with your product, I didn’t get any breakouts!


It’s great stuff!

Heather H.

BeautyMe is great!

Elva J.

I’d give this product a 5 out of 5. I saw results in my skin after day 2 out of the 5 consecutive days I used the product. The powder mixes very well with coffee, milk and smoothies because it is so fine and the taste is so smooth. Great experience overall.​

Tyh C.

BeautyMe was very easy to use – I added it to my morning oatmeal or a smoothie in the afternoon. I liked the taste and it smelled great! After using BeautyMe, my skin looked more refreshed and vibrant. It gave my skin the pick-me-up it needed during my period!

Jackie R.

Delivers on its promises! Unlike other natural products, this one actually works!

Lori R.

I really enjoyed using this product. I loved the taste and found myself craving it throughout the day. I really saw a difference in my overall appearance and it was not just noticeable improvements in my skin, hair and nails…but something more…I looked better overall. In fact, I noticed a definite difference even after taking it only for a couple of days.

Jennifer S.

My skin had no breakouts. I loved the taste this awesome and yummy beauty shake. It was the first thing ever to replace my 4pm cookie break! I am super low maintenance but would absolutely keep taking this because I got a bunch of compliments when I was using it.

Rachel S.

I began to notice a change in the overall appearance of my skin. Its texture is much smoother, brighter, and my wrinkles are a whole lot less noticeable now. My skin is looking younger, fresher and more radiant.

Stephanie T.

This product improved my skin, hair and nails above and beyond my expectations. I could see results very quickly. It is a real beauty secret.

Jan B.

I have had so many compliments on my skin and hair [since I started using it] and I just wanted to give you an A+ because I love the product.

Angie P.

Awesome idea AND I noticed a difference! I love it in green juice!

Courtney D.

BeautyMe… clears up all those PMS related issues like breakouts, dry hair, brittle nails, a dull visage…

Alisha Alam,

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